Corporate Training

Corporate Wellness isn’t a new concept but one which has moved to the forefront of minds in business today.

We recognise that exercise is good for your health giving numerous benefits to you, the employer, as well as your employees.

Simple exercise is known to increase physical and mental health and wellbeing. People who exercise regularly are generally more alert, have more stamina, increased energy levels, are able to cope with stress better, have a greater understanding of their wellbeing and lead an improved quality of life. Exercise releases endorphins stimulating the brain, therefore, increasing its functionality. Employees will have improved self-esteem and self-image, releasing a positive energy and attitude about themselves. Who doesn’t want that in the workplace!

What are the benefits for employers?

  • Increased productivity
  • Higher attendance rate because immune system is stronger
  • More energy. Not reliant on caffeine and other stimulants!
  • Better at coping with stress
  • Increase of morale spreading throughout the workplace

Encouraging group exercise whether as a company or specific team will promote teamwork naturally. Encouraging staff to lead a healthy lifestyle and to exercise shows YOU, the employer, really cares about your staff welfare.

Your business will become more streamlined and ultimately more profitable. EVERYONE BENEFITS!

It may be a challenge to introduce this concept into your company and no company is the same. Hence we are targeting small local companies. We are a small local company here in Guildford too and we care about our local community or “Fitness Family” as we like to call it and look to expand. We believe that by partnering with us everyone will benefit; you, us and most importantly your employees.

By working with us, you will be building and strengthening your local network. Don’t worry if you don’t have the resources to build your own gym or feel you are too small to offer the same perks as the big multinationals. Think again… you can!

We can hold a class at your office once a week, once a month or every other week.

There are numerous options available to you. We can hold a class at your office once a week, once a month or every other week. We have all the equipment necessary. All you need to supply is the space and your most important asset – your employees… and hopefully you too! If all of this is not possible, join in one of our classes after work. Come as a team and start bonding socially, away from the office.

What we offer isn’t just exercise. We believe education is also paramount. All employees are different: some may already be exercising, some may not have the time. Therefore what we offer will be bespoke to all. We want your employees to feel comfortable and not intimidated. We want them to ask questions, guide them into fitness, teach them goal setting, teach them about nutrition and help them set their own goals. This will help them outside of work and, hopefully, implement small changes filtering through into home life leading to lifestyle changes.

The key to getting healthy and fit is to participate.

We want your employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice and culture. This, in turn, will also benefit you, the employer, and your business.

If you would like to kick-start your company into creating a health culture then let Marek’s Fitness help you.

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