Exercising & Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

Exercising & Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

Everyone knows that regular exercise has numerous benefits, but what specifically during pregnancy?

Here are a few benefits:

  • Maintain fitness & reduced weight gain
  • Increase energy level, aid sleep and help maintain a positive body image
  • Improved posture & joint stability
  • Reduced back pain
  • Stronger abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Easier & shorter labour
  • Faster post natal recovery

Also it’s not only you who benefits but so does the little bundle of joy growing inside you ?

It’s advised that you should be accumulating 30 minutes of exercise a day – easy right? It’s all about simple little lifestyle changes that you can implement… can you walk to the shop to get that pint of milk instead of jumping in the car?

It doesn’t matter if you have never ‘exercised’ but now is a good time to start, don’t jump in head first but build it gradually up to the recommended 30 minutes a day. Pregnancy is not a time to push yourself to the limits, break world records or aim for a PB… it’s all about maintaining your fitness level or building your base level. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous!

In the first trimester major hormonal changes typically occur, hence the nausea and tiredness! It is best to focus on correcting muscle imbalances, improving stability, core and prime mover strength whilst building your aerobic base.

In the second trimester you should start to feel a little better, your body will be adapting to the ever growing bump and a hormone called relaxin is released into your body and as you guessed it is designed to relax the ligaments around your pelvis and hips in preparation for child birth. But be aware it affects the ligaments in your entire body so be extra careful not to over stretch!

In the third trimester you should really concentrate maintaining fitness levels by continuing to improve stability, balance and coordination… you should only continue to exercise if it is comfortable for you. There are lots of variations available so there’s no need to stop completely… remember everyone is different… there is no set rule

Here are my most important tips when exercising whilst pregnant…

  • Stay hydrated – lots of water and fluids
  • Always warm up and cool down properly
  • Keep up your usual daily activity for as long as you feel comfortable
  • Don’t exhaust yourself – you should be able to hold a conversation without becoming breathless
  • Wear comfortable and supportive clothing and shoes
  • Make exercise a habit
  • Seek professional advice – contact me if you have any questions or for more info on the services we offer ?
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