Personal Training

A Personal Approach with a Positive Outlook

This is our ultimate, most comprehensive offering tailored specifically for you. We are based at Activzone Gym in Guildford college which is well known for being the friendliest gym in Guildford. The gym is within walking distance from the high street and boasts on site parking too!

We also offer personal training in the comfort of your own home too if you live in the Guildford area.

We want the best for you and will strive to help and encourage you to reach your personal goals. We understand that we’re all individuals, our bodies are different and what motivates some will not push others. So, that is why we want to get to know you personally and find out what makes you tick and motivates you!

Before we begin, we deliver a full consultation covering the following:

  • In depth discussion getting to know you, your likes & dislikes
  • Physical assesment (Postural Alignment, Flexibility/Mobility & Imbalance)
  • Body Composition Report (using our state of the art BodyMetrix ultrasound scanner)
  • Hormonal assesment
  • Nutritional analysis & advice
  • Goal setting

This then enables us to monitor and track your progress with regular measurements and review sessions. We will update your programme to introduce new challenges, keeping you engaged and motivated.

Our services include:

Fat Loss

Strength & Conditioning

Fitness & Endurance

Pre & Post Natal

Pre & Post Menopausal

Online Coaching

You’re stronger than you think so believe in yourself and we will guide you on your journey. We care about your health so the higher the commitment to us, the better the pricing. Get in touch for more information!

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