Pregnancy & Exercise

If you have found out that you are expecting then congratulations!

We appreciate that many women can be a little concerned when it comes to exercise during pregnancy, especially if it is your first child. Fear not, it is proven that exercising whilst pregnant has many benefits for both Mum & bump, in fact it is advised by health professionals to be active during pregnancy.

Mel has gained her NASM qualification as a Women’s Fitness Specialist (Pre & Post Natal) and will advise what is best for you both during this exciting time.

A programme will be written specifically for you and the intensity of the exercises need to be adapted for each trimester, the main goal is to maintain fitness, this is not a time to push your limits.


During pregnancy your body will go through several anatomical, metabolic, hormonal and physiological changes, Mel can help you be the ‘best you’ during this time. There are numerous benefits achieved from safe, effective training whilst pregnant:

  • Maintain fitness & reduced weight gain
  • Increase energy level, aid sleep and help maintain a positive body image
  • Improved posture & joint stability
  • Reduced back pain
  • Stronger abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Easier & shorter labour
  • Faster postnatal recovery


You will now be adjusting to life with your little bundle of joy and all the challenges and demands which that brings. Returning to exercise after birth should be a gradual process as your body will need time to adjust to the changes which have occurred during your pregnancy. You should wait until you have had your 6-8 week postnatal check with the midwife or GP and have been given the go-ahead to exercise. Again this has many benefits:

  • Improve strength, stamina & energy levels
  • Aid weight loss
  • Get your prebaby body back quicker
  • Boost your mood & self confidence

Contact Mel to find out about Pre & Post Natal exercise options