Nine months ago I decided to look for a personal trainer to help me build fitness, strength and muscle tone. I am intermittent when it comes to exercise and have lost count of the gyms, bikes, home exercise machines and classes I’ve invested and then lost interest in. Nine months on from my first consultation with Marek I attend four PT sessions a week and am astonished at what he has helped me to achieve. No two sessions are ever the same, the programme is highly personalised, achievable and approaching my 50th birthday I am fitter than I’ve ever been. Not only that, but I’ve discovered a new lease of energy, confidence and pride in my physical health. I would give Marek’s fitness a wholehearted recommendation – his enthusiasm and warmth are infectious and, perhaps more importantly, he achieves results.

Sarah, 50, Guildford

I had been with my old PT for 3 years, and I achieved great results, but something was missing and the last stubborn bits would not tone up. A friend suggested I try Marek and I have never looked back. He listened, took note and got straight on with it. He incorporated HiT into our sessions, lowered the weights I had been using, increased the repetitions and within weeks the results were amazing! I started with 2 sessions per week with him and increased these to 4 sessions per week. Each session is a mixture of strength, conditioning and Hit so I never get bored and Marek always pushes me to do so much more than I would do If I worked out alone. The stubborn areas are toning up, which I never believed would happen, and I actually look forward to the next session. My family and I went to Italy in August and for the first time in 9 years I wore a bikini – I have never been so body confident and its all down to Marek – if you are looking for results I would have absolutely have no hesitation in saying, as my friend did to me, “go and see Marek”.

Sarah, Haslemere

I have been going to Marek’s Group Training classes for well over a year now, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to set a personal goal to get more active, whatever your level of fitness. You will definitely have fun at the same time – Marek is a great laugh as well as a great motivator. The classes are challenging but not in any way intimidating, and you can take part at the level that suits you. You can adapt the exercises to make them more manageable or more difficult (Marek helps by giving you various options), so as you get fitter, you can keep challenging yourself further. I started from a very low level of fitness after having my third baby, and am probably fitter now (in my 40’s) than I was in my 20’s! There is a great community spirit in class and new joiners will feel very welcome from their first visit onwards.

Claire, 47, Guildford

Marek’s group training classes are amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone! I have been going for the past few months and it has become an important and valued part of my week.
Marek creates a welcoming and supportive environment to exercise. This is reflected in the social aspect of the class whereby he has built a network of members who regularly attend. Marek is so motivating, enthusiastic and really takes time to get to know all the members. He gives options in his classes for all abilities and makes sure you keep good form, whilst pushing yourself.
As a result I have really noticed improvements to my fitness, energy levels and wellbeing-thank you Marek!

Nicky, 33, Guildford


 Ryan, 34, Guildford

I would really recommend booking personal training with Marek. He has listened carefully to my goals and my current circumstances and constructed very individual sessions to help me meet those goals. He is very professional, yet approachable and explains the reasons behind an exercise or his nutritional advice so that you are learning as well as exercising! Thank you Marek!

Laura, 37, Guildford

Working with Marek has given me loads of inspiration and confidence. He’s kept me going when I might otherwise have given up, meaning much better results!

Jenny, 39, Guildford

I’ve struggled with my weight and fitness for a couple of years since life pressures have increased. Working long hours, commuting to London and having very little time for ‘me’ has become a real issue. My motivation and energy levels have really suffered. Marek has supported and motivated me with his training and advice, despite my continual default of being tired and to moan – a lot! Just as I felt I was really making progress with my fitness sessions I discovered the biggest news of all, I was pregnant. Marek was positive about my news, allowed me time to get through the first trimester – which I can only describe as hell due to sickness! I am now back for my sessions but this time to help maintain fitness and prepare me for the excitement of childbirth to come. Marek is patient, flexible, has a focus on safety and technique rather than being ‘macho’ unlike some other trainers that I have seen over the years. We talk, laugh and he seems to genuinely want to help people to reach their individual goals. My boyfriend is supportive of me having a session because he says ‘You are much happier after you’ve done a session with Marek.’ I cannot recommend him enough. A trainer with a big heart, empathy and passion for his job.

Loretta, 36, Guildford

I love the way Mareks Fitness solution involves actually reviewing my food diary weekly, giving customised workouts for home and gym, working on my short and long term goals and pushing me a little further each time in our personal training sessions. Mareks training is simply the best.

 Lucia, 43, Guildford

Marek is a true professional. I have had two or three people help me with my fitness over the years and nobody has matched Marek. He helps you reach your goals, to become a better version of yourself.

David, Guildford

Marek’s Fitness is a rare and special place to workout. Be it personal training, or group classes, Marek and his team are the most professional, genuinely caring and fun people to work with. Give it a go and find a new fitness family!

Joss, Guildford

Marek is one of the most encouraging and upbeat people I’ve ever known! He works you hard but his enthusiasm keeps you going. I started attending the group training classes on a Saturday but found myself attending a weekday class too as I found Marek and his team supportive and they also make the class enjoyable. I saw results in my fitness and was given the self-belief to keep pushing myself. I highly recommend the group training classes and I can’t praise Marek and his team enough for all their positivity and passion they have for improving fitness and encouragement to challenge yourself!

Carolina, 37, Guildford

A fun but challenging workout that targets everywhere! Well that’s definitely how I felt after my first few workouts anyway ;). Marek and the teams warm and welcoming style really make going to class easier – and just when you think it’s starting to get a little easier he chucks in a few more exercises to keep you and your muscles on their toes. It’s exactly what I want from an exercise class – highly recommend!

Ann-Marie, 35, Guildford

“Marek is a brilliant trainer. His group training classes are welcoming and extremely well planned to ensure continuous exercise for the full hour. I have been really impressed by Marek’s attention to ‘form’ to avoid injury and also ensure that every member of the group gets the most from the exercises completed. The classes are truly aimed at all abilities and Marek does a fantastic job of getting to know everyone and checking that the all members of the group are being challenged and improving, and that pre-existing injuries are not forgotten. I would highly recommend coming along for a trial class.”

Bex, 33, Guildford

I started doing Marek’s classes to get in shape for my wedding. After just a few weeks I can really see a difference. Marek has a unique way of making you work really hard while also making you laugh. Given how much it hurts I shouldn’t enjoy it, but I do.

Sophie, 41, Guildford

Marek’s group classes are really enjoyable and challenging, helping with fitness and weight loss. He is attentive, making sure that form is good, so all get the full benefit from the classes. I recommend coming along to Marek’s classes, to experience his training for yourself. You’ll get fitter, have a great time and meet some really nice people too…..

Ian, 52, Guildford

Marek’s Fitness classes are fast paced and full of fun, and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.
I’ve been attending for more than a year and although I only manage one class a week, I feel fitter and stronger and motivated to continue to improve my fitness levels. Marek is always enthusiastic and encouraging and gives plenty of correction and feedback throughout the classes. He’s also super friendly and creates a great sense of community among members, which makes it all the more enjoyable and motivating.

Cathy, 49, Guildford

Over the years I have been a member of many gyms and attended various fitness classes but none are as motivating, fun and challenging as Marek’s fitness classes. I can honestly say I really enjoy working out. I feel fitter and stronger than I have in years. Marek is so passionate about his work and this shines through with his enthusiasm and drive to want his members to achieve their goals. The classes suite all abilities and you can work at your own pace although he likes to throw in lots of Burpees to keep you on your toes!! I love being part of Marek’s fitness family..

Lisa, 47, Guildford

I’ve been to a few different boot camps over the years and highly recommend this type of training. I’m not a natural born exerciser in anyway but find I work harder in a group and time passes much faster. Marek’s Fitness is by far the best I’ve been to. His warm and friendly personality means you instantly feel at ease and due to his knowledge and willing he easily tailors exercises for individuals where necessary. He is motivating and encouraging without the shouting bravado of other groups so you feel great about yourself while working out instead of humiliated.

Amelia, 38, Guildford

Marek’s fitness is the best class I have ever attended. I feel 100% supported and I know I’m on the right path to achieve my goals. I have been going to this class for over 3 months now and I can not only see changes but I feel stronger and healthier already. Marek is a fantastic coach and treats everyone individually. I work and have fun at the same time. It really makes you wanna come back! The classes are very well organised at days and times to suit everyone. Very well done to Marek to create such an amazing group!

Karolina, 35, Guildford

Marek is a top guy and great fitness coach! Highly recommend to people in the Guildford area who are looking to keep fit and do classes later in the evening after work.

Sam, 34, Guildford

Marek’s classes are great. They are challenging but you feel a real sense of achievement at the end of the session. Marek is very encouraging and supportive and adapts the exercise to your needs. Marek and Mel are both so friendly and caring. I’m really glad I have begun attending the classes and am looking forward to the next one. The classes are suitable for all levels of fitness.

Abigail, 40, Guildford

I went to a group boxing session and immediately felt welcome, both Marek and Mel helped me get up to speed with moves and showed patience and encouragement throughout. My gosh it was hard work but time flew by because I was having so much fun! Would definitely recommend to anyone… especially if you find it hard to walk into a new gym class alone. You’ll immediately feel part of the family here and know that you’re being looked after people who care about your wellbeing!

Anna, 25, Guildford

Marek, Mel and Emily are totally brilliant! I absolutely loved my first boxing class. The atmosphere was super friendly, and it was really easy to get into the spirit of things and try my best. I’d never boxed before, but now I want to come every week!

Rob, 26, Guildford

Marek’s fitness class is life changing!
I never even dreamt to start exercise as I thought there is no such possibility in busy life with kids, work….
But encouraged by a friend, Marek’s fitness- just round the corner, I couldn’t pass it by. Wow! I made myself go and give it a try! And I have to say i loved it!
I can’t compare Marek fitness to any others as it was my first fitness coaching ever, and Marek and the team are so great there’s no need to try others! Marek and his wife Melissa and group team Emily are so welcoming and fun and very professional. The fitness classes are good fun and also tough…the perfect combination! I’d hugely recommend trying out a class for anyone who hasn’t done fitness group classes before or wants to try out a new one.
If I can do it, everyone can too ?

Andrea, 39, Guildford

Marek is such a kind and caring person and super passionate about his work. His classes are the friendliest I have ever attended and are suitable for all abilities. Marek is furthermore excellent at giving tailored exercises to fit your specific needs allowing you to work around injuries or weaknesses in the body, which is something I truly value.

Bonnie, 45, Guildford

Whether you’re starting from square one, or you’re already part of the way through your fitness journey, Marek’s Fitness is a fantastic class run by professional but insanely friendly and inclusive trainers. Classes are fun, whilst still providing a rigorous workout, and the trainers can help you tailor your experience to suit your fitness level, from beginner right through to the more athletic. Fantastic fun way to improve your health, would 100% recommend.

Matthew Peach, 22, Fleet

If you are looking to get fit whilst having fun with a great group of people, then these are the classes for you! Marek and Mel pay individual attention to each member even within group classes ensuring you really get the most from the session. Both the circuit and boxing classes are tough but fun and before you know it the session has ended and you feel a real sense of achievement. I can’t rate Mareks Fitness highly enough!

Emily, 41, Guildford

I could not recommend Marek’s Fitness more! Marek and his team are very passionate about making ‘getting fit’ an incredible experience! You will sweat until the last drop but you’ll leave with a massive grin on your face and will be back next day for more! Amazing atmosphere and so much fun makes you addicted to it. Love this people to bits

Ania, 32, Guildford

I haven’t been for a while due to an unrelated knee problem. It is though my intention to start again late March. I’ve really missed the classes. Marek and his team are such lovely friendly people and they work with you to get the best out of you. I’ve done 2 other boot camps over the years and they simply do not even come close. Most importantly whatever level of fitness and age you are Marek will push you to be the best you can be in a fun environment.

Brigitte, 48, Guildford

Marek’s classes are fun, challenging and will get you fit! Marek’s cherry nature is very welcoming and both him and Mel are very warm and supportive. If you’re looking for a place to start exercising you found it. Marek will get you going, if you are fit already, he will push you forward! He manages to make a group class feel private.

Idit, 42, Guildford

It’s simply the best! I have made new friends as well as feeling fitter and enjoy being part of the gang. Everyone is made to feel so welcome and it’s a great atmosphere with lots of laughter and support along the way.

Suzi, 48, Guildford

Marek’s fitness provided a comfortable and welcoming environment. I was initially a little nervous as I hadn’t exercised in so long, but the friendly welcome and support I received was next to none. As soon as the class started I felt like I had been one of the crew forever! The classes are hard and you feel the results happening while at the same time being fun and inclusive. Marek’s fitness is a family. A family that welcomes one and all. I saw almost immediate results in terms of fitness and loss of inches. Marek and Mel are inspirational and made me believe that I can do anything. Especially shifting those pesky extra inches. If you want to get fit, get healthy, make new friends and have fun doing it……..Marek’s fitness is the way!!!!

Charlotte, 26, Fleet